Halal Commitment

As a company owned by a Christian family, Afrimak Business Solution places the highest emphasis on full Halal compliance at all times. We are amongst the few meat processors in East Africa who do not deal with any non-Halal products, such as pork. We have created a structure within our units to ensure full Halal compliance at all times.

The slaughter area is designed so that at slaughter the animal s breast is facing Mecca. The slaughter is conducted by a trained Islamic staff member accompanied by supervisors who are practicing Muslims. They use a sharp knife and utter the Arabic phrase In the name of Allah while performing the slaughter. In one movement of a half moon they cut the animals throat without separating the head, cutting the jugulars, esophagus and trachea together so that the animal does not release prejudicial enzymes into the meat at the time of death. After the drainage of all blood the process continues to the removal of skin, brains and other procedures.

At the end of the process the product receives a Halal Certificate from the Supreme Council of Tanzania Muslims (BAKWATA), which is the leading Islamic certification body in Tanzania. This certifies that the procedures of production respected Islamic laws and is suitable for consumption by Muslims. Quality Meat Packers has been certified as Halal compliant for more than 10 years and we are firmly dedicated to the principles of Halal in all our product offerings.