Our Process


Raw material reception
Once Caught the Fresh Nile perch is carefully iced and stored in our well Maintained and insulated trucks for transport to our factory. Once at the factory the vehicles are washed before offloading. During offloading we take random fish samples from the truck in order to ascertain that the fish is within temperature range.

Fish washing
The whole fish is then placed on wash tables which have running water. Our team of trained washers then go to work thoroughly scrubbing the gills and the fish body. This is done so as to remove all grit, fish mucus and leaves that may be on the fish.

Grading and weighing
Trained staff then use electronic scales to grade the fish individually after which each grade is weighed and iced awaiting filleting.

Filleting and skinning
Filleting is then done by a team of dedicated, experienced and highly trained filleter’s. Filleting is done to customer requirements. The fillets are then skinned by a team of equally skilled skinners.

Once skinned the fillets are then passed to our trimming department where our team of trained and experienced trimmers work on the fillets giving the fillets their defined shape and also process it to customer specifications such as red meat trimmed or portioning.
Filleting skinning and trimming is all done under a constant flow or treated water and the fillets are all along iced in order to keep temperatures within permitted range.

Trained and experienced fish quality inspectors then carry out thorough organoleptic assessments which involves texture, smell and color of all fillets individually. Once satisfied with the operation, only the fillets that meet our high quality standards are then passed on to the Fillet washing section.

Fillet Washing
Once inspected the fillets are then individually washed by trained personnel to eliminate any loose flesh and blood that may be on the fillets.

Chilling and poly bagging
The fillets are then chilled to reduce their core temperatures and ensure they are within the temperature range. The washed chilled fillets shall then be packed in polythene bags as per customer’s requirement.

Fillet grading weighing and parking
Once poly bagged the fillets are then graded into the various grades as requested by our clients. After grading the fillets are then weighed and packed to specification in either 3 and 6 KG Styrofoam boxes for fresh chilled Nile perch fillets or 15 KG Styrofoam boxes for Headless and gutted Nile perch Our frozen range is packed in either 6 and 10 KG waxed boxes. Our electronic scales are calibrated by the relevant Authorities to ensure accuracy.

Blast freezing and plate freezing
Once weighed and packed in preparation for blast freezing the fillets are then carefully arranged in our blast freezer where it is chilled down to core temperature of -2° Centigrade. our Frozen products are passed through the plate freezer for a period of 3.5Hours at a temperature of -35° Centigrade the hard frozen product is then stored in our cold-room’s at a temperature below -18°Centigrade.

Once the required core temperatures are achieved the product is then packed into the final packing in either Styrofoam Boxes for fresh chilled or waxed boxes for frozen fillets as per customer requirements. 
Once packed and labelled the finished product is then kept in chilled storage for fresh or in our cold rooms for frozen product awaiting Dispatch.